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Drinks & Snacks

Draftbeer0,3l 0,5l
Bitburger Pils - 4,8% Vol.3,304,90
Erdinger Weißbier - 5,3% Vol.4,90
Bottled Beer 0,33l 0,5l
Erdinger non-alcoholic4,90
Jever Pils - 4,90% Vol.4,90
Sparkling Wine / Prosecco & Wine0,2l0,75l
Sparkling Wine - 11%18,50
Prosecco Piccolo - 11%7,50
Prosecco - 11% 19,50
White Wine 0,25l 0,75l
Pino Grigio 12% - Italien, dry7,2017,90
Grauer Burgunder 13% - Baden, dry 8,9022,50
Riesling Kabinett 11,5% - Pfalz, mild7,5019,50
Red Wine 0,25l 0,75l
Merlot, 12% - Italien, dry7,2017,90
Dornfelder, 12% - Pfalz, mild7,8019,50
Lütts Landlust - Bio Spritzer 0,33l
Limonade & Spritz by Proivant0,33l
Proviant Cola 3,40
Proviant Cola sugar free3,40
Proviant Bio Limonade Lemon3,40
Proviant Bio Spritz Passion fruit & Orange3,40
Paulaner Spezi3,40
Softdrink 0,2l
Applejuice0,2l - 2,80
Orangenjuice0,2l - 2,80
Spirits & FiresVol.2cl
Bavarian Spirits - Handmade
Bavarian Wodka40%4,00
Bavarian Rum40%5,20
Exlusive Fires Vol. 2 cl
O1 Obstler38%3,00
N1 Haselnuss38%3,00
Spirits Vol. 2 cl
Berentzen Weizenkorn32% 1,90
Ouzo38% 2,60
Alter Hullmann35% 2,90
Wodka Gorbatschow40% 2,80
Linie Aquavit41,5%3,20
Pircher Williams Birne40%3,20
Jägermeister 35%2,50
Asbach Uralt38%3,20
Remy-Martin V.S.O.P.40%4,50

Spirits as long drinks plus 2,20€

Campari-O-Saft (5)25%5,50
Aperol-Spritz (5,8)11%6,80
LikörVol. 4cl
Baileys on ice (1,5)17%4,50
Coffee & more
Café Cremacup2,50
Espresso doublecup3,90
Espresso Macchiatocup2,50
Café au laitmug3,60
Latte Macchiatoglas3,60
Hot Chocolatemug2,90
Café Chocomug3,40
Tea - different sortsglas2,60
SnacksOrdertime: mon.- sat. 4 p.m. - 7 p.m.
Tarte, bacon & onions (6,9)Creme fraiche, bacon, onions9,80
Tarte, ham & leek (6,9)Creme fraiche, ham & leek9,80
Pizza Margherita Tomatoes, mozzarella, basil9,50
Pizza Prosciutto (3,6,9)Tomato Sauce, Cheese, Ham10,90
Pizza Salami (6,9)Tomato sauce, cheese, mozzarella, salami10,90
Pizza Hawaii Tomato sauce, cheese, mozzarella, ham, pineapple12,50

Additives: 1. Contains caffeine 2. Benzene acid 3. Phosphate 4. Artificial sweetener 5. Dye 6. With nitrite curing salt 7. Sulfites 8. Contains quinine 9. Antioxidants 10. Allergens contained in pizza and tarte: cereals containing gluten and milk.

All prices are in Euro incl. service and VAT. (7%/19%)

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